[demo] Astrel instruments AST8300-B

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Camera CCD 8300 Stand alone Astrsel Instruments

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The AST8300-B is based on 8-megapxls Monochrome KAF-8300 CCD Sensor and is equipped with integrated 7 position Filter-Wheel.

The AST8300-B features:


  • New concept low-vacuum CCD sensor chamber that guarantees no-frost with -42°C DeltaT at only 2.4A of power consumption


  • Total Noise of 6.5e- rms using low-noise acquisition mode


  • Powerful 1GHz microprocessor for stand alone wire-free operation (no PC is needed)


  • PC like use with Operating System, Graphic Desktop, Web access, applications that can be created, installed and removed

  • Optional 5" 800x480 touchscreen full color display (removable)

  • Integrated Gbit Ethernet and WiFi connection to PC / Tablet / Smartphone

  • 8 GB (expandible up to 32 GB) internal storage plus external USB pendrive or hard-disk 

  • Open-Source Camera Processor Code available to the user to experiment ideas and specific SW application

  • 2 HS USB, TX/RX serial port, I2C, SPI, +3.3V, +5V, +12V DC output power supplies

  • User configurable I/O lines to implement triggers, alarms, custom interfaces

AST8300 AST16200 Displays LCD Touch

Add the 5" Full Color Touch Screen LCD to use the Camera in Stand-Alone Mode

AST8300 AST16200 Wireless Keyboard

Complete with the wireless mini keyboard with touchpad and LED backlight

Filters Astronomik Integrated filter wheel

Select up to 7 specific filters for the integrated filter-wheel 

Power Supply

Include the External Power Supplier to power the camera from AC wall socket

Programming Tools USB Serial

Include the cable adapter to program Camera microprocessor

Flatbox controller for perfect and quick flats 

Sensor Specifications

CCD  ............. On-Semi(Kodak) KAF-8300 (mono)

Pixel Array ...... 3326 x 2504 pixels

CCD Size ......... 18 x 13.5 mm

Total Pixels ..... ​8.3 Million

Full Well ........ ~25500 e-

Dark Current ..... 0.015e-/pixel/sec at -20°C

Antiblooming ..... 1000X

Camera Characteristics

Shutter ........... Mechanical
Interfaces ........ USB 2.0 Host HS x2, Gbit Eth, WiFi, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO
Camera Body Size .. 130 mm diameter x 76 mm 
Mounting .......... T-Thread, M42 x 0.75
Weight ............ 880 gr (w/ integrated filter-wheel , w/o LCD and filters)
Backfocus ......... 25 mm (including integrated filter-wheel)

The base package includes

- Suitcase filled with protective foam for the camera and its accessories

- AST8300-B camera body 

- Vacuum pump with incorporated pressure gauge, tube and joint

- Ethernet cable

- Battery power cable: power cable extension with car lighter plug 


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