SBIG STXL-16200 Mono Classe 2

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SBIG STXL-16200 Monochrome CCD Camera - class 2 CCD [EN]

  • SBIG STXL-16200 BW CCD camera with the new Truesense KAF-16200 sensor - class 2
  • ♦ Chip size: 27.0 x 21.6 mm
  • ♦ Pixel number: 16.2 million
  • ♦ Pixel size: 6x6 µm

♦ Peltier cooling up to 60 °C below ambient temperature

Product Description

The SBIG STXL supports up to 35 mm format CCD sensors. Two STXL filter wheel options are available. The Standard and Self-Guiding 8-position STXL filter wheels have micron-level filter positioning, and accommodate 50mm round unmounted filters. In the Self-Guiding filter wheel model, a guiding CCD is incorporated into the filter wheel in front of the filters.

The STXL-16200 includes a high sensitivity, 16 megapixel CCD with 6 micron pixels.

STXL has two-stage cooling with deltas up to -60C, is water cooling ready, and includes ethernet and USB 2.0 computer interfaces. Many innovations for serious imagers have been designed into this professional camera, including:

USB 2.0 and Ethernet in each camera
Web browser control ready
Two-Stage TE Cooling
Cooling Delta up to -60 C with Air Only
12VDC operation (9-14VDC)
Self-guiding in front of filters
Full frame image buffer
Self-Guiding in front of the filter wheel
Optional Remote Guide Head
Photometric shutter for large arrays
Variable speed fan
Quick Disconnect Water Cooling Ready
User Rechargeable Desiccant Plug
Opto-isolated Relays for Telescope Control
Tracking Relay LED Indicators
Power Management LED Indicators

Technical data

Sensor: Truesense KAF-16200 class 2 sensor
Pixels: 4500 x 3600 pixels
Pixel size: 6x6 µm
Sensor size: 27.0 x 21.6 mm
Full Well Capacity: 41,000 e-
Antiblooming: Yes
Quantum efficiency: max. 56%
Binning: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 9x9, x n
Download time at full resolution: approx. 11 seconds
Cooling: Up to 60 °C below ambient
Power supply: 12 V DC - max. 6 A
Computer interface: USB 2.0 and Ethernet
Compatible with: Windows 32 / 64bit
Dimensions: 152x152x76 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Working distance: 24.8 mm




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