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Oculare ad intensificazione OVNI, a luce bianca

Oculare ad intesificazione OVNI ufo-B di terza generazione, di produzione europea

Usato una decina di volte come test, venduto con accessori di serie e con obbiettivo Cosmicar 75mm F1.4

OVNI-M is the only night vision eyepiece in the world designed for astronomy!!! Its 26mm focal length and 31.75mm/1.25" barrel allows it to be used with all telescopes. With a weight of 240g and a height of 10cm (excluding the eyecup), it revolutionizes the observation of the sky by benefiting from the most recent technological advances designed in our workshop.

Made in France, the OVNI-M integrates an intensifier tube « Astronomy grade GEN3 Thin-Film » which is one of the many innovations of OVNI Night Vision. Like any eyepiece, it can be used at prime focus thanks to its 31,75mm /1.25" barrel (with thread for filters) of any telescope. Very flexible, it is even possible to use it in afocal, i.e. on a traditional eyepiece, thus acting as a focal reducer (see photo gallery below). This makes it possible to observe the deep sky with a very wide field of view. Conversely, it can be combined with a barlow to increase the magnification. Without forgetting to use it by hand (like a pair of binoculars), with the possibility of adding camera objectives. The OVNI-M has functions that are indispensable for astronomy, such as autogated, manual gain control and a white phosphor tube (very natural colour).

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