ZWO motorised Filter Wheel for 5x31.8mm or 31mm

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ZWO motorised Filter Wheel for 5x 1.25" or 5x 31 mm filters [EN]

  • Ultra compact filter wheel for ZWO MONO CCD cameras - perfect for astrophotography with L-RGB filters
  • ♦ Weighing less than 300 grams and smaller than a hand
  • ♦ High-class CNC design with aluminium housing
  • ♦ Stepper motor for the filter exchange - from NPM, Japan
  • ♦ Only 20 mm optical path
  • ♦ Powered via USB - low power consumption
  • ♦ Completely equipped with 1.25" and T2 connectors, USB cable
  • ♦ Suitable for 5x 1.25" mounted filters or 5x 31 mm unmounted filters

ZWO EFW-Mini Filter Wheel for cameras from ASI and others
The motorised filter wheel is ultra compact and with its 300 g weight also extremely lightweight. Only one USB cable is enough to power up the EFW, the max power consumption is around 150 mA. So you can connect it directly to the USB2.0 hub of ZWO´s cooled ASI cameras.

The distance between the filters and sensor is only 10 mm, so there will be no vignetting with fast telescopes, even if using an ASI1600. If you use unmounted 31 mm filters, you can even use lenses up to f/2 without vignetting.

The ZWO EFW-Mini is perfect for creating L-RGB images with ASI cameras
The filter wheel offers five positions for filters - ideal for L-RGB filters + a clear opening.

Downloads, Drivers:
ZW Optical supplies software and drivers online for free download.

Technical Data

Type: Motorized filter wheel
Telescope side connection: T2-thread (female)
Camera side connection: T2-thread (male)
Additional connections: 1.25" (via adapter - supplied)
Length: Only 20 mm optical path (from T2 to T2)
Weight: Less than 300 grams


In the Box

♦ Motorised filter wheel
♦ T2 connectors - 1x male, 1x female
♦ T2-T2 conversion ring - changes a female T2-thread into a male T2-thread
♦ USB2.0 cable

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