Zwo set LRGB 4x36 unmounted

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  • The ZWO 36 mm LRGB filter set is optimized for astro imaging. Also suitable for beginners [EN]
  • The ZWO 36 mm LRGB filter set is optimized for astro imaging. Also suitable for beginners
  • ♦ 36 mm filter set, consisting of four filters - red, green, blue and UV/IR cut
  • ♦ Coated surfaces against reflexions and ghosting
  • ♦ High transmission for short exposure times
  • ♦ High quality interference filters (no simple colored glass)
  • ♦ Fine-optically polished
  • ♦ IR cut-off
  • ♦ Small spectral "gap" around the sodium D lines



ZWO LRGB 36 mm Filter Set for astro imaging
Four multi-coated interference filters. Optimized for imaging with monochrome CMOS and CCD cameras. It consists of:

♦ 36 mm interference filter red, green, blue
♦ 36 mm UV/IR block filter

This filter set is an interesting alternative to the significantly more expensive filter sets from other manufacturers on the one and to simple colored glass filters on the other hand. Compared with the latter, the ZWO filters offer a brighter and more contrasty image.

Optimized for ASI cameras, these filters can also be used with Atik or Moravian systems.


Technical Data

Design: Multi-layer interference filter
Connection: 36 mm round filters, unmounted
Thickness: 2 mm
Quality: Fine-optically polished
Coatings: Multi-coating
Traansmission: More than 92%

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